• Freebies!!

    Posted on April 9, 2012 by in Knoxville IP attorney

    Here at Global IP, we believe positive synergy is created by combining the best of the old with the best of the new. “Best of the old” includes providing a little something extra along the way.

    Remember savings stamps, like S&H green stamps? No?!! Well, if you’re curious, here’s a quick wiki link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/S%26H_Green_Stamps

    Green stamps were a delightful “extra” back in the day. You got stamps every time you shopped at a store that gave green stamps. Spend a little, you got a few. Spend a lot – you got a whole sheet of stamps! And there were little booklets into which you affixed your stamps, filling page after page until the booklet was full. Oh, and then came the fun part! Going to the stamp store to shop and spend your stamps! As a child, we got lamps, household appliances – all sorts of neat stuff with green stamps. Some of my favorite toys were those “purchased” with green stamps!

    So, you may ask, what’s the connection between the days of green stamps, and a high-tech law firm? Freebies. Not free “advice,” per se, because the rules and regs of being attorneys mean technically we can’t presume to establish a client relationship via a blog. But! We CAN give you some ideas to consider as you contemplate your own legal needs.

    So, from time to time, we’ll offer up a freebie, and here’s the first one:

    Intellectual property, while not the type of property that requires mowing – lol – is STILL PROPERTY! And, as property, it is a valuable asset. And, like all your assets, you should contemplate what to do with your IP in your estate matters. So, when you write your will or set up your trust, remember to include your IP!

    Questions? Give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you.

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