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  1. 7,439,492   Nondispersive neutron focusing method beyond the critical angle of mirrors
  2. 7,384,529   Method for electrochemical decontamination of radioactive metal
  3. 7,377,419   Brazing open cell reticulated copper foam to stainless steel tubing with vacuum furnace brazed gold/indium alloy plating
  4. 7,247,383   Integrated self-cleaning window assembly for optical transmission in combustion environments
  5. 7,225,643   Recirculation bubbler for glass melter apparatus
  6. 6,802,643   Self-anchoring mast for deploying a high-speed submersible mixer in a tank
  7. 6,724,196   Temperature controlled high voltage regulator
  8. 6,562,203   Electrochemical machining apparatus incorporating a mechanism for maintaining a uniform electrolyte flow gap

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  1. 7,902,047   Dual chamber system providing simultaneous etch and deposition on opposing substrate sides for growing low defect density epitaxial layers
  2. 7,651,669   Microsystem process networks