• Random PSAs

    Posted on April 18, 2012 by in Global IP, intellectual property, Knoxville IP attorney

    Here at Global IP, sometimes we come across news so interesting, informative, fascinating, or extraordinarily good, we just have to share. So! In the spirit of providing such “random Public Service Announcements (PSA)s” we offer the following tidbits:
    – Next week (April 21-29) is National Park Week, and, to celebrate, the National Park Service (NPS) has waived admission fees to ALL U.S. NATIONAL PARKS! Check out the details at the NPS website: http://www.nps.gov/npweek/ It’s springtime all over the U.S., so be sure and enjoy a little time with nature next week – for free! 🙂
    – National Public Radio (NPR) mentioned Volkswagon’s Audi division is progressing ever closer to making the Ducati purchase. German engineering + Italian design = uber-favoloso moto!!!
    – Locally: the bad news is the 9-acre mulch fire is still burning here in Knoxville; the good news is we have rain showers, and the prediction of rain all day.

    – Fun fact:  Did you know the Coyote is called “America’s Song Dog?”   One hallmark of any good thinker (and everyone wants their attorney to be a good thinker, right?  :)) is the ability to see various sides of any issue, regardless of which side they may finally embrace as their own point of view.  Hence, while, on the one hand, coyotes may be viewed as, “mangy mongrels” who attack smaller prey (including, when they’re hungry enough, small pets), on the OTHER hand, with proper livestock (and pet) management, it is possible to peaceably coexist with coyotes as wild neighbors.   At Global IP, we’re not here to tell you what to think, or how to think.  We’re here to HELP you – help you think, help you solve problems, and, ultimately, to help you and your business sing the song of success!  So here’s a Wednesday “gavel-tip” from Global IP to America’s Song Dog!  

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